Saturday, August 30, 2008

Holy Leisure to the max...

Four of the wonderful women in discernment with our community enjoyed an outing to Kings Dominion last week. It was my very first visit to the amusement park and I’m happy to say I survived!

We had the whole park to ourselves because of the rain. No waiting on long lines, no unbearable heat. I watched Jennifer and Karen being turned upside down on the “DOMINATOR” all the while praying out loud for the future of our community. I took photos and screamed at the same time – a unique talent in community, I think.

Urszula and Pat cleaned up in the arcade – over 400 tickets in an hour! Skeeball, air hockey and a few rounds of “Deal or No Deal” made the rainy day quite profitable.

I took one ride on a real coaster – the “Grizzly”. It was an old-fashioned, wooden coaster that made horrible clacking noises and shook me lose from most of my bones. (Again, more spontaneous prayer aloud as my two companions giggled.) All in all is was great fun. We’ve decided to make this an annual event for women in discernment and in initial formation. Next year, NO “Grizzly”!

Blessings and love to you all…

- Sister Vicki

PS – BIG news on Monday…stay tuned!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

All we have is NOW...

I am just returned from a visit to my aunt in Amherst, MA. Rosemary is my only aunt by blood and, in some ways, my spiritual mother. She is a poet and a crone – a gracious woman who uses words to evoke, stir-up and redeem the world. Rosemary has loved me from my youth “as is” and has nurtured in me the spark of GOD that has become a decent flame. To say that I love her, is an understatement.

The three days we shared together were made all the more sacred by the fact that Rosemary is living her fourth, and most likely last, cancer. We talked, laughed and cried together. We took a few little walks into town to the Farmer’s Market and to a documentary film at a small, artsy theater. She runs out of steam because of the chemo and the fine, silver hair on her head is nearly gone. She continues to write because it’s akin to breathing. She lives gently in the world and continues to be grateful for the ordinary moments of her life with my uncle. In short, she is. She continues to be. And being, is much more important now than doing.

While I was away, sad news came from our high school in Richmond. Our beloved librarian of 23 years died Monday after a brave battle with cancer. Sue Gregori leaves her husband, Harry, her three boys and a sweet little granddaughter behind. The sorrow is unimaginable for her family. And for the faculty, staff and students at our high school, a light has gone out. We will celebrate the Mass of the Resurrection with her family on Friday. School will be closed so that everyone can pray Sue home.

I have had much on my mind and in my heart this past week. Work has piled up in my absence and the days ahead will be full. But these two courageous women of faith are my teachers today. All is gift. All is in God’s hands. All we have is now.

Blessings and love to you...

- Sister Vicki