Thursday, August 25, 2011

We are all connected...

I woke up at 1:15 this morning. I grabbed the cell phone which had been set to vibrate at 5 AM. Realizing that it was still time to sleep, I happily rolled over. At breakfast I learned that there was an aftershock at 1:15. It wasn’t the phone vibrating. It was the earth.

The 5.9 earthquake two days ago continues to be a hot topic of conversation at table and on the local news. This sturdy cement-block structure was built 50 years ago and resembles the Catholic elementary schools of the 1960’s – solid as a rock! Other structures in the area were not as sound and suffered cracks and crumbles. Several historic structures in DC – the National Cathedral and the Washington Monument – had more damage because of age and design, I suspect.

I am in awe of creation and grateful that we were spared the sufferings of Haiti or Japan, Alaska or California. Earthquakes are not fun or to be taken lightly. All in all, this earthquake did little to harm but much to awaken us to the power of nature and our interconnectedness. Twenty-two eastern states felt this quake – not because of its magnitude, though 5.9 is significant. These states rest on one tectonic plate – share real estate in a primordial sense. Interesting to see one event ripple out so far – touch so many lives and light up so many cell towers simultaneously! The earth can teach us many lessons. We are, in fact, interconnected. Our joy, our pain, our love sends out a ripple into the world. Every act of goodness blesses and every selfish sin has its repercussions. This truth is from the beginning – when we were made in God’s image and likeness. We have within us the capacity for great love – the love that changes things and transforms lives. This redemptive love is building in the world – not unlike the earth’s energy beneath millions of layers of clay and shale. That building up of love’s power is the kingdom coming. And, one great day, there will be a new heaven and a new earth. We need not fear its coming. Our loving, our relentless pursuit of right relationships, our longing for wholeness simply beckons Christ to come.

Blessings and love to you all…

- Sister Vicki