Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A different kind of "New Year"...

Sunday began the holy season of Advent and the new liturgical year. ADVENT is a journey toward the stable. The manger scene is the source of our hope. It is evidence of the WORD’s unprecedented leap into human flesh in the stillness of one winter night.
ADVENT challenges us to contemplate His coming in new ways. The risen Christ is already among us and comes to us in the other – the poor, the children, the outcast, and the people who come into our lives each day.
ADVENT challenges us to contemplate His future coming when Christ will “draw all things to Himself.” I day we must not fear, but look forward to with joy.
ADVENT is my favorite liturgical season. I love everything about it – the wreath, the music, the colors, and yes – even the waiting. ADVENT makes waiting holy.
May GOD bless YOUR Advent waiting...with hope, joy and soul-cleansing prayer.

- Sister Vicki