Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trinity Sunday...

I’m still thinking about GOD. That’s a good thing, (being a nun and all.) Trinity Sunday is my favorite feast of the Lord. That statement is not an indicator of theological comprehension but an unexplainable joy in the mystery of who GOD is. I’ve read many good books on Trinitarian theology. So many brilliant scholars have tried, valiantly, to say something about the nature of the Godhead. My favorite is + Catherine LaCugna. Her book, “God For Us,” begins with a brilliant deduction. Paraphrased, she suggests that we cannot know who GOD is in GODSELF. We can only know who GOD is from what GOD does for us. It may sound simple, but it’s really quite revelatory. By LaCugna’s standard every human being could say something true about who GOD is. If you say down and made a timeline of your life and inserted places where you know GOD intervened, blessed, protected, you’d have the makings of a theology. (I might do this during Community Retreat!)

Have you read “The Shack”? If not, it might interest the God-seekers among you. It’s a story – pure fiction. Yet, this tale of loss and love has given me new insight into who GOD might be. There is a definite Trinitarian theology embedded in the tale. And GOD is personified, conveniently, into three, wonderful Persons. The GOD drawn in this portrait is total, self-giving, abiding love – love that is ever in motion, dancing in and out of our lives as we permit grace to do its thing. Rightfully, GOD never answers all our questions. JESUS told his friends, “I have much to tell you, but you could not bear it now (John).” But the author spins a tale that touches the pain of real life – the pain that only GOD can heal. I liked it. Can you tell?

I often wonder why I love the Trinity so much. There is no greater mystery – no bigger headache in the world of systematic theology. I guess I love it for several reasons: 1) I can’t understand it, so the pressures off. All I need to do is be content to live in the mystery. 2) This GOD is Community. As a monastic woman, this goes to the very heart of my life. We are individuals and we are one body. We spend our lives learning how to give them up for love. This Triune GOD is our teacher and we are just students in the school of the Lord’s service (Rule of Benedict, Prologue).” Yes, I love this GOD who is Three and One. May your search for this GOD be filled with surprises and yield great peace, deep joy. For where GOD has been, these things will be.
Blessings and love to you all...
Sister Vicki