Tuesday, February 12, 2008

"Lazarus, come out!"

I wish I could tell you all about the celebration of Saint Scholastica. Unfortunately, I missed the whole thing. I've been sick again. Nothing serious...just a 24-hour bug of some kind. (May GOD spare you such an adventure!) I spent about 36 hours in my room (Sunday evening until Tuesday morning). I ate nothing substantial. Yesterday afternoon, Sister Veronica brought crackers and 2 real COKE's and that seemed just right. This morning, as I left my room at 6 AM for Morning Prayer, I felt REALLY good - surprised to be feeling so much better and grateful for a taste of the resurrection in miniature. Like Lazarus with the glare of another sunrise in his eyes, I wondered at how good it feels just to be alive (and vertical!)

Our study group presented this morning. After being sick again, I really just wanted to get through it with a modicum of poise. Sister Veronica and Sister Maria Goretti both shined in presenting their pieces of the project. Sister Maria covered the scriptural background for our section of Chapter 4 (only one actual reference in the text, so she really worked on the premise that Benedict knew Holy Scripture inside and out - the presumption of consumption - and combed the Old and New for every reference that was applicable.) Sister Veronica discussed the correspondence of RB to the Rule of the Master and did a splendid survey of key Latin terms. (She really loves working with the primary sources and differing translations.) I offered a few thoughts on the structure of the text we were given - more like imaginings, really. It was a difficult task given that the verses were eviscerated from the whole of the chapter. I had to keep putting the piece back within the whole. All in all, I think it went just fine. Thank you, Sisters and friends, for your prayers. Grace flows freely across the ocean...praise GOD!

Tomorrow, we have a guest lecturer and Thursday, we're off to Subiaco and Monte Cassino. Next week, we have the possibility of a Papal Audience. This has been an incredible experience - truly, a priviledge. FYI...We've learned that Sister Aquinata will teach the course again next year in English, but after that, she will teach it in other languages. (Portugese is next.)

Blessings and love to you all... - Sister Vicki

PS - The Internet was down again here on Monday. Sick as a dog, I probably would have crawled to the laptop. GOD is very wise...