Sunday, June 22, 2008

"IF GOD does not build the house, the builders work in vain."

Greetings, friends!

Our retreat ended Friday afternoon and we plunged right in to a Chapter Meeting that afternoon – ALL AFTERNOON! I promise to write a bit about our wonderful retreat, but I’m just bursting with good news that can’t wait.
First, let me begin with some information. The monastic Chapter is, technically, the perpetually professed members of the community. This distinction enables a sister to vote and be voted upon - in most instances. Our community is really royal about welcoming all members to the Chapter meetings even if they cannot yet vote on matters of importance. The prioress often allows those in first profession to participate in "consultative" votes - a vote that give her the sense of where the community is going, but to the results of which she is not bound. I remember getting a big kick out of those. There are lots of rules and stipulations about Chapter in our constituion. New members study the constitution to get a sense of where we fit in the universal Church, in our Federation and what makes us unique as an autonomous house. OK...enough. To the news!

The monastic Chapter has accepted the requests of our postulants to begin novitiate. Translation: Kathy and Karen become “sisters” on August 30th! And, the sweetest thing of all? Sister Veronica and I got to vote! Yup. A real paper and pencil vote. Ah…life after the ring!

There's more news… Mary Clark, a participant in our “Live-In Program”, has been accepted for entrance into our community. Mary will knock on the Chapel door and become a postulant on Sunday, August 31st. (I’m so excited my fingers can barely find the keys!)

GOD is building our house... with living stones – faithful, loving women who are ready to share the work and prayer of this monastic community. Join me in blessing GOD for Kathy, Karen and Mary. (I should have some more good news in a few weeks J.)

Blessings and love to you all…

- Sister Vicki