Friday, August 8, 2008

Too busy to blog?

Where shall I begin? I came home to the monastery on Monday and spent the last four days hard at work on some upcoming vocation events. “Too busy to blog” doesn’t sound good, but it’s the truth. The lovely summer slow-down in most of our ministries has come to an end. Regular programming begins mid-August for most of us – especially Vocation Ministry and the Benedictine Pastoral Center.

As glorious as beach week was, I have to confess that I love work – even now when it seems a bit overwhelming. I came home to 94 e-mails and a stack of mail on my desk doing a fairly good impression of the tower in Pisa. I needed to fine-tune the new budget and gather receipts for our merciful treasurer, Sister Henry Marie. Packets of information needed to go out to new inquirers and two rooms in Saint Maurus Hall (a.k.a., "the dorm",) needed to be readied for women beginning the “Live-In” Program in August and in November. All this “busy-ness” has been about our future. All this “busy-ness” brings me great joy.

What’s new with The Benedictine Sisters of Virginia? Well, our prioress, Sister Cecilia, is two weeks into her recovery from the knee replacement. Sister is working hard with her Physical Therapist and seeing great improvement for her efforts. Our subprioress, Sister Glenna, is doing a wonderful job leading our community while Sister Cecilia is recovering. Saint Benedict was so wise in setting up the structure of our leadership. Many wise and holy women work with our prioress to keep our community moving forward into the will of GOD. The Council, our Monastery Coordinator, and our Director of Hospitality all contribute to the smooth ebb and flow of our life. All is well with us. And, we are grateful for your prayers, as you are for ours.

Blessings and love…

- Sister Vicki