Thursday, August 21, 2008


In spite of what most academic calendars say, it’s still summer. Vacations may be over, but the pace of summer still appeals to us. The sunflowers are stretching tall toward the rays of mid-August. Tomatoes are still homegrown – fat and warm from the sun. We’re enjoying the last of the sweet corn and savoring the fuzz and nectar of peaches in their prime. It is still summer.

Last weekend we had our annual “Holy Leisure” Vocation Retreat. Three wonderful women joined us for the weekend to explore Saint Benedict’s wisdom and be refreshed by prayer, rest and play. (I think the pool party is the highlight for me!) It is still summer… but, as the earth contemplates another season, we begin to shift gears.

It’s “back to school” at LHS and SGHS. Faculty return to pray, plan and focus on the year ahead. (Yesterday, the faculty and staff at SGHS did a “low-impact” ropes course together! It was wonderful…and Sister Andrea and I held our own.)

Labor Day Weekend is approaching and, for us, it is a major moment of transition and new beginnings. Our postulants will enter novitiate. Two are slated to become postulants. The weekend itself becomes one great celebration of GOD’s love for us ending with the “Blessing of Ministries” on Labor Day itself.

Yes, it’s still summer…but we are poised to receive the beauty of the next gift. As we treasure the last days of warmth and leisure, may we move forward into the unknown season with gratitude and confidence in GOD’s care for us.

Blessings and love to you all…
- Sister Vicki

PS – I’m on the road for about a week. If there is internet access, I’ll be checking in. If not, you’ll find me here again after the 27th.