Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Challenging Feast...

It’s been over 230 years since we had a king in America. And, it’s been 45 years since “Camelot” – the closest we’ve come to a royal family in our second century. Yet, we are fascinated by the royals of Europe. OK, I’m a bit fascinated. There is something mysterious and fantastic about kings and queens – persons who attain power and greatness by bloodline and skillful matchmaking. I wouldn’t trade freedom and true democracy for anything, but when Charles and Dianna married, I was watching live in the wee hours of the morning with millions around the world.

That said, what are we American Catholics to make of the Feast of Christ the King? Yes, it’s the last Sunday in the season of Ordinary Time. Yes, it signals the coming of Advent and a new liturgical year. But the image of Christ as king must contain blessing. There must be something to this title that touches the heart. I think our scriptures for this day provide some wonderful texts for contemplation. The “king” we worship is a shepherd who “seeks out the lost” (Ezekiel 34.) We want for nothing in his care (Psalm 23). The enemy of this king is death itself (I Corinthians 15.) And, he will determine our fidelity by acts of compassion and mercy (Matthew 25.) This is a king who chose a throne of wood and iron - a king, who became servant of all beneath a crown of thorns, and who reigns now in glory because he loved us to death. This is a king I can give my heart to.

In The Rule of Benedict our Holy Father asks is we are ready to “take up the strong weapons of obedience and do battle for Christ our King” (Prologue.) Today, in every Church around the world, God’s people say, “YES.” Today, as we celebrate the Feast of Christ our King, we affirm the coming of his kingdom in our midst and pledge our hearts to the works of love that will transform our reality into Christ so that “GOD may be all in all.”

Happy feast! Blessings and love to you all…
- Sister Vicki