Sunday, November 2, 2008

I have been at the Monastery since Thursday. I came home for a series of meetings and a dentist appointment (Sister Andrea and I are trying to schedule them together now.) And, Saturday was Community Day. We meet together on the first Saturday of every month to work on things together. Sometimes we have a Chapter Meeting, too. But this Saturday was a full day of shared prayer and study. Sister Veronica and I had to prepare a presentation to share with the entire community on Saturday morning. (It went well, I think. We did some sharing from our study in Rome on RB 72.) And last night, our Novices, Postulant and “Live-In’s” threw a supper party for the whole community in the newly refurbished Formation Room. (It’s one of the spaces in the monastery you haven’t seen because it’s off a residential hallway.) So, it’s been a very full (but happy) four days at HOME!

It’s early Sunday morning…the sun is rising early because of the time change…I’m watching the cats wake up outside my office window and wondering how those creatures stay warm. It’s a frosty morning, I think. (I’m really ready for autumn to come and STAY!) I’m excited to be home for Sunday Eucharist – especially on this beautiful feast of ALL SOULS. It’s a good day to take a walk up the hill to our cemetery and pray a “hello” to our sisters in glory. It’s a good day to “visit” with my Mother and grandparents, as well. It’s a good day to thank GOD for the gift of JESUS and for life that never has to end.
Blessings and love to you all…
- Sister Vicki