Monday, February 16, 2009

Healer of our every ill...

In yesterday’s gospel, Jesus, moved by compassion, touches a leper and heals him of his disease. While this miracle, in and of itself, speaks of the tenderness in the heart of GOD, it also comes with a bit of a challenge. Where are the “lepers” today? Who are the “unclean” we try to avoid? Challenging questions, yes? You’ve got to love the way scripture can turn things upside down and blow the dust off your soul.

Our presider at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart talked about the grieving as “lepers.” Msgr. Shreve said that often, because we can’t think of what to say, we avoid the sorrowing entirely and isolate them in their sadness. He expanded the idea to include anyone who has experienced a personal tragedy. It’s so easy for us to forget that our presence is the gift, not the words which always fail to touch the mystery of another’s suffering.

I think there are all kinds of people we deem “unclean.” The homeless, the addicted and those living with AIDS, come easily to mind. What is it about their situation that frightens us? What do we fear will happen if we see these people as real human beings? The saints among us have faced this question and moved through it by way of the cross - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, Bill “W” and Father Michal Judge, OFM. You and I have the chance to love as they did. May the same GOD, who came in flesh and blood, touch our hearts with the love that fears nothing. May we leave no one outside the boundaries of our compassion. May we have the courage to touch the wounds of the world and will them to be healed..

Blessings and love to you all…
- Sister Vicki