Monday, August 24, 2009

"What I learned this summer..."

Not all of life’s learnings are grand revelations. Some lessons come in much smaller packaging. This summer I added a few items to my personal list:

1. As tempting as the price may be, NEVER cut your own hair. There are just parts of you that can’t be seen – even with two mirrors. (Trust me.)

2. Clothes really do wear out. I am seven years in the monastery and having to grieve a few close “friends” who are not even fit for charitable donation.

3. Never leave your basket of recyclables near the bedroom door. Well-meaning sisters will put your mail into it.

4. Shopping at “Good Will” helps provide jobs for others and tends the earth by using what is still of value. AND, it may get you four “new” tops for the price of one purchased at retail.

5. Change is…hard, good, constant. Moment to moment we are not the same person. Though things “around us” change, it is really we who consent to become something more, something new.

It might sound as if it was a boring summer or that Sister didn’t have enough to do. Truthfully, these little moments of illumination bring joy and challenge to the journey. I could write volumes on where I’ve been or what I learned. Somehow, today, the little things feel like such a gift. What lessons have you learned lately?

Blessings and love to you all…
- Sister Vicki