Sunday, September 6, 2009

Four women enter the monastery...

The monastic community waits in the Gathering Space to receive the newcomers with prayer and song...

Dear ones and family surround the four as they prepare to knock on the Chapel door...

Pat Novak, Urszula Cegielnik, Karen Alexander and Robin Duffy...on their way to the door.

The prioress asks each woman, "What do you seek?"

Each postulant answers for herself in freedom and joy.

Like us, these four women are looking for GOD... the WORD and in the wheat... the Liturgy of the Hours and in private prayer... the guest, in the stranger, in her sisters... the elder and the young... humble work and holy leisure... the joys and sorrows of the common life.

Each sister remembers the day she entered then monastery...and prays for their perseverance. We pray, too, for Sister Doris Nolte who will guide their steps as Postulant Director.

"So that in all things, GOD may be glorified (RB 57:9)."