Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Basil the Great...

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL class with Father Gregory Collins, OSB. Father Gregory has studied the writings of Saint Basil - both "monastic" and theological - and can place Basil in his particular historical niche while making his spirituality accessible and vibrant for 21st century monastics. It felt like the systematic theology courses I had years ago - almost like being on retreat! And, the Irish can be so charming and animated. It was hard to take pictures as he was rarely standing still! We are the last RB class to have the pleasure of his lectures. He is returning to his abbey in Ireland at the end of the term. In a lighter moment, Fr. Gregory gave his best advice to formation personnel: "Don't bore the novices." He sees the role of the formator as akin to the Irish matchmaker. They introduce the novice to the tradition and step back, hoping they will fall in love for a lifetime. A lovely metaphor, I think.

Sky is blue...sun is shining...and a mighty wind blowing today - perfect opportunity to do laundry and hang it on the line on the roof of the Casa. I have much to read before study group.

Love to you all... - Sister Vicki