Thursday, February 7, 2008

"We interupt your regularly scheduled program..."

Happy LENT, dear ones! Yesterday, the Casa lost internet connection - yes, my worst fear realized! I missed this daily exercise of reflection and the chance to reach out to my sisters, friends, WIF's and WID's. (Women in Formation & Women in Discernment) There was some talk among the students that perhaps it was part of the sisters' Ash Wednesday observance. The grand cyber-silence was NOT an ascetic exercise, but, now that I think about it, it might be a wonderful thing to set aside next time the day comes round.

There were some difficulties (aside from being unable to blog), I couldn't send Sister Cecilia my Lenten resolutions (for her approval & blessing) or pick up her Lenten Exhortation which was delivered to the community at Morning Prayer (5:45 AM) on Wednesday. I called home and left a message on the prioress' private line and then, I was fine about the situation. There wasn't a thing I could do about it, so I entered into the quiet of the day - stuck my toe into the deep waters of silence. There are no accidents, I think. It must have been God's plan for my day.

Our topic in class yesterday was, by grace and some clever planning, RB:49, "On the Observance of Lent." It was wonderfult to have the coursework and the liturgical calendar converge. It really took the edge off the general atmosphere of homesickness here. (I was not alone. Most monastics long to be home on these very sacred days. We each can't help but think that OUR house really knows how to kick off the season right.) It was so good of Sister Cecilia to send her talk to the monastics on a journey (as well as to sisters on mission.) Her reflections on the season have really set the tone for my own observance. Sister has a way of encouraging us to keep becoming and, at the same time, affirms the goodness and holiness of our community. I will pray for all of you what Sister Cecilia hopes for the monastic community - that this LENT might be "a journey in to the heart."

Love to you all... - Sister Vicki
PS - I am grateful to all of you who have e-mailed this week. We're under a deadline with a class project. I'll be in touch this weekend. Thanks for your patience...