Monday, March 17, 2008

Blog and jog...

I have a simple plan for this morning. First, write a little about the graces of this past weekend and then head outside for a little cardio-vascular workout. It’s been nearly 10 weeks since I exercised. I got so sick in Rome that it was the last thing on my agenda. Learning to sleep well and swallow without pain, were the priorities early on. Then, just as good health was in sight a lovely little stomach virus (or food poisoning) took hold. I feel good know… I am two weeks home and sleeping well in my own bed(s). I’ve lost some weight since January (not on purpose), but I feel healthy again. It’s time to move…to feel my heart pound a little bit…to breathe deeply and climb some hills. It’s time to survey the plantation and see what has changed in two months time and greet the daffodils, crocus and songbirds. I am looking forward to the silence, solitude and sweat!

But first, I have to share a little bit about our vocation retreat weekend. We were blessed with six guests – six women of faith searching for God’s will in their lives. Our extended community has been praying for vocations and our Oblates have made it a priority in their prayers as well. It would seem God is answering...and blessing us. The two women participating in our “Live-In” program and Postulant Karen joined our guests for the weekend. Their presence was a blessing for the Vocation TEAM and for our new friends who were anxious to hear about life “on the inside.”

We contemplated the great love of God expressed in the passion, death and resurrection of Christ with a focus on the monastic life as an immersion in the Paschal Mystery. Sounds deep and heavy, but it was really a joyful exploration of the grace that enables each of us to “take up our cross” and follow. As we enter this Holy Week, these women will remain on my mind and in my heart. I will ask God to bless and guide each one and to help them find their true monastic home. I ask you all to join me in praying for vocations…to our monastic community, to ordained ministry and lay ecclesial ministry in our Church.

Blessings and love to you all…
- Sister Vicki