Monday, September 8, 2008

Still listening...

I love this job. (I mean ministry!) I’ve had some great jobs before I entered the monastery. One summer in college, I scooped at Baskin & Robbins. One employee benefit was a FREE pint of ice cream at the end of every shift! The polyester uniform was a blessing as I expanded quite a bit that summer. The best years of my adult life were spent in the classroom. The last teaching job I had was in a co-ed Catholic high school back home in NJ. The five years I spent at Bayley-Ellard were the most fulfilling in terms of teaching as a ministry. I’ve done some other crazy things in the world, but these two were my very favorite.

As Director of Vocation Ministry, I feel as if I’ve found the “job” that fits all my weird little gifts and interests. I get to walk with faithful women one-on-one as they seek God’s will in their lives. I get to work with a fantastic TEAM of sisters who make our weekend programming possible. I get to teach a little, talk about our life to anyone who’ll listen, plan projects with other Benedictine monasteries and network with vocation directors of all different orders who minister in this area of the country. My “job” is never dull, always challenging and a constant reminder of why I knocked on the door six years ago. For all this I am truly thankful.

This past weekend we made five new friends – faithful seekers who traveled to Bristow for the very first time. Meeting each woman face-to-face for the first time was a total joy. What began in e-mails and phone calls finally became flesh. This weekend for new inquirers immersed us all in the fundamentals of Benedictine monasticism. We prayed together, ate together and shared our stories. Those five women are very much in my heart today and in our grateful prayers. I love my job – especially, after a weekend like this one. God is truly blessing us. And wherever these good women settle, the Church, too, will be blessed.

Blessings and love to you...

- Sister Vicki