Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time for some "good zeal"...

The people of Haiti, Cuba and Texas continue to recover from the devastating effects of “Ike”. The American financial system seems on the brink of disaster. And, presidential politics has raised our national blood pressure and sparked graceless disputes among family members and neighbors alike. In times like these people of faith are more important than ever. We are, if we’re willing, icons of hope.

How can we share our faith in these troubled times? Well, for starters, we can do something for the victims of the hurricane – here and on the islands. As a monastic community we make many contributions each year that are mutually agreed upon and reflect our Benedictine values. “Catholic Relief Services” is among those organizations. A contribution to CRS will reach those who need it most outside our borders. To help those in Texas, the domestic branch if this organization is called, “Catholic Charities.”

Although my Dear Old Dad is a CFA – certified financial analyst – I know less than nothing about the workings of Wall Street. I can, however, pray for those who represent me as they struggle to do the right thing. My anger and frustration will get me nowhere. Prayer will change me and, perhaps, change the hearts of those who have been greedy or less than honorable in their financial dealings. Prayer is not the "last resort." It is the best thing we can do for one another – the most powerful sharing of our loving energy, of all that makes us like GOD.

Presidential politics? Well, we can start by being respectful of one another as Election Day draws near. We can have conversations instead of screaming matches. We can allow one another to make a different choice and not try to bludgeon each other into submission. The basic fact is that we all love America and want what is best for her people and the world in which we live. If we, in our heightened state of political fervor, can be civil and gracious to one another, what lovely example we could give our children. Freedom requires participation and prayerful reflection as we use the voice we have been given. May each one of us, as followers of Christ, be the first to show respect to the other (RB 72:4). And maybe, heart by heart, we will change the world with our hope - the hope that is our birthright by baptism and a gift that must be shared.

Blessings and love to you all…

- Sister Vicki