Thursday, October 16, 2008

Commas change everything...

This morning I read about Saint Hedwig (1174-1243): “Born in Bavaria at age 12…” Huh? I missed a very important comma. “Born in Bavaria, at age 12 she married…” What a difference a little comma can make. Of course no one can be born at age 12. It did, however, start me thinking about old souls – people who are wise beyond their years. You know the kind of people I mean. Sometimes, they are born very serious. They seem to know things about life that change their capacity for childhood.
Sometimes, we come to adult wisdom early because of the events of our lives – a death of a parent when we were young, a serious illness in the family, or a trauma of some kind. Sometimes, this early wisdom is not the result of a painful event. Sometimes, it is just part of our personality – a necessary characteristic for our particular spiritual journey.

My seven-year-old niece, Molly is a serious soul – a grown-up self in a 2nd-grade body. She understands things about people. She absorbs every feeling in the environment and carries deep concern for everyone in her heart. Molly is VERY responsible. She wonders about things – things most 7-year-olds don’t consider. I used to worry about her serious nature and then decided that she is exactly who GOD made her to be. When I am in awe after we’ve had a very adult conversation, I smile and praise GOD who is so particular in our creation. Then, from time to time, Molly will be 7 – just 7. And, I enjoy those moments, too.

AUNT VICKI: Molly, how many babies do you think you’ll have when you’re a mommy?
MOLLY: Two or three, I think. The rest I’m going to leave at the hospital.

Am I an “old soul?” Who knows…I certainly have always taken MYSELF way too seriously. Maybe it does “take one to know one.” Let’s thank GOD for the people in our lives who know so much about life – sometimes way before the rest of us – and ask GOD to balance the privilege of wisdom with plenty of joy along the way.
Blessings and love to you all…

- Sister Vicki