Thursday, January 17, 2008

RB 8-20: The Liturgical Code

One of Saint Benedict's many gifts was the capacity to take the best of what was and combine it with the wisdom of lived experience. Like RB in general, the liturgical code contains elements from many sources: The Rule of the Master, Rule of Augustine, Bishop Caeserius of Arles, the Roman Office and the Rule of the Angel. (That last one was a new one for me.) Sister Aquinata always highlights what makes his additions and omissions significant. Benedict cared about posture, music and the integrity of the psalms themselves. Studying these chapters will remind us of what is essential in the LOH - what we need to do to remain faithful. (I'm feeling brave, now. I've actually abandoned the colored pencils for my beloved highlighters. I know...really walking on the wild side!)

Tonight, all the visiting Benedictines were invited to join the sisters on their monthy trek to Radio Vaticano. All the orders in Rome have one evening of praying the Rosary for the universal Church - in Latin. The broadcast begins here around 9 PM. You can pick it up on the Vatican website. I think I'll spare the world and stay home. Never took Latin in school. Who knew it would come in handy 25 years later?

Tomorrow, Sister Veronica and I will venture into the city for my doctor appointment (and some fun.) The next post will be up on Saturday. Love to you all...and every blessing. - Sister Vicki