Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baptism of the Lord...

Happy feast! It is nearly half over here. There is no Sunday schedule in this house. Every day we have Morning Prayer at 6:15 followed by Eucharist. The liturgy was in English today, though the introits and acclamations were all in Latin – Gregorian chant. I find it’s kinder of me to listen rather than attempt to join in. It feels too much like a vocal rollercoaster ride! Several of the visiting sisters have had more experience with chant. I close my eyes and listen. It’s lovely – unfamiliar and undecipherable – but lovely.

That said… I miss our Sunday liturgy at Bristow. I miss the extended community of oblates and friends. I miss the music in our house and the gifted preaching of our brother, Raymond. As long as I’m being honest…there’s more. I miss EVERYTHING about Sunday. This morning on our way to Mass, Sister Veronica and I were whispering about breakfast. “I want oatmeal…something hot,” she confessed. And I said, “I want Henry’s pancakes, Doris’ spoon bread, sausage and poached eggs.” We both giggled and gave each other a consoling hug. There is, truly, “no place like home.” Love to you all... - Sister Vicki