Monday, January 14, 2008

"...they left their nets"

The sun is shining today - quite rare! Actually, is seems to rain every Saturday - our FREE day. Our study goes well. We are up to chapter 7 in the Holy Rule - humility. The study questions and texts to cross-check are plentiful. We each just seem to plug along and head where the Spirit takes us. (The Spirit led me to a nap after our midday meal. I think my body is still recharging.)

The gospel this morning makes me miss our WIF's and WID's. (Bristow-speak for "women in formation" and "women in dicernment.") This passage - Jesus calling the disciples - is often used to highlight vocation ministry. The American bishops even used the title: "FISHERS OF MEN" for a 17-minute video on the priestly vocation. (You can see 3 minutes worth for FREE on the USCCB website.) Today, hearing this Word at Eucharist, I thought about the women who have left their nets to follow Christ in the monastic life. Kathy and Karen, our postulants, are such a gift to our community. I miss them both... And, I'm missing Linda and Mary who are "Living-In" with us as part of their discernment. E-mail helps to keep us connected, but it's not the same. They are all moving forward in their relationship to the community - taking the "narrow road" Saint Benedict speaks of in the Prologue. And that's what Jesus is offering Peter and Andrew, James and John - a new way, a deepening of relationship with the Father through the Son. This gospel is not so much about the One who calls as it is about the willingness to answer. There are four women at home to whom I send my special love and prayers today...and gratitude for their "yes" to Christ. - Sister Vicki